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Our William’s Den adventure began five years ago.  The idea for creating an exciting and unique visitor attraction really came from hosting birthday parties for our son in the garden and hearing the shrieks of joy from his friends as they relished the freedom and space to play outside. They never wanted to go home. An idea was born.

We’d both grown up on farms and we both remember rather nostalgically having vast amounts of freedom to play outside in all weathers, for hours on end. Along with siblings, cousins and friends, our childhood years were spent endlessly exploring on foot and by bike, building dens and using our wild imaginations to entertain each other for hours and days.

When we were sharing ideas for the type of family visitor attraction we wanted to create, our own childhood experiences were never far from the surface. It became abundantly clear that we had to create an environment for children to play inside and out whatever the weather, where they could run wild and experience the freedom to roam, and while the kids were doing that, we wanted the grown ups to enjoy being outdoors with their children and appreciate everything else on offer.

Welcome to William’s Den

Tor & Christian Carver


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"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

George Bernard Shaw